Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lifestyle Reform 911

We a recently received an email that has inspired ASK to develop a new plan to help you "reform" your lifestyle! A healthy attitude and healthy behaviors = a healthier you!

"Dear ASK: I have struggled with my weight all of my life. In the past I have done better with power walking better than dieting or anything else. I kept off 80 pounds for about 5 years. That was age 25-30. I am now 41. I had been hovering around 240 lbs. for the last five years. I was promoted to a semi-sedentary job 3 years ago and have gained nearly 40 lbs. My health is relatively good---no high blood pressure or diabetes or anything like that. I know that I am blessed at this time. However my cholesterol is high and have bad knees as a result of the weight. I have recently been advised to look into a lap band procedure before I start to have significant health complications.

I have hesitated to do so because of the success that I once experienced with my weight. I keep thinking that I have done this before, I can do it again. So emotionally I kind of feel like a failure in this area. Lately I have tried to change my carry-out style diet for a better eating plan. But I find myself only getting in my meals right before bed due to the demand of my new schedule. I have not been motivated to exercise much lately. I live in a high rise building in Downtown Detroit and usually virtually exercise by watching the water aerobics class that takes place every other day :(

Your website was mentioned to me by a former school mate and I hear that you are a fitness instructor as well. Your site is very interesting and I thought that I would inquire to see if there was a tool available to help me."

Ask answers your question:

Dear friend seeking Lifestyle Reform 911,

Please hold off on the lap band procedure for now!

I am so happy that you found our website. Helping you help yourself is going to be an exciting, challenging and rewarding adventure! Your situation speaks loud and clear to so many women out there. Your courage and determination to live a healthy lifestyle, and be fit for your future is admirable and inspiring. You have already taken the most important step. Now, the really hard work begins! No more virtual training for you my dear. The water exercise class that you can see from your high rise apartment is a workout at your finger tips that you need to be a part of. So get your water shoes on and your feet wet! I want you to be in that class three days a week…no excuses…not one! Next, get on the phone or online and sign up for the water exercise class at your nearby YMCA, as we discussed. The summer season is short and you must have a plan in place for the fall and winter months. Working out in the pool is the very best place for you to be right now… Be proactive and be prepared! Along with your water fitness classes you will begin to utilize the stairs in your high rise apartment building. Luckily, you have your own stairmaster to heaven. Start today by walking up one flight of stairs. Do this stair climbing exercise 6 days out of 7 for the first week. Each week you will add one half of a flight of stairs. So, if a fight equals 12 steps, you will add six more steps every week. Got it? It is very important to wear proper walking shoes to protect your ankles, knees, back, and hips! Before you know it….you will be climbing to the top. Remember Rocky? That will be you! You can expect this to be very difficult the first week. Do not give up ….keep climbing those stairs! By the way, it is okay to hold on to the railing in the beginning. As your strength increases and your weight decreases you will begin to be able to let go. We must all let go of something in order to move forward in our lives! For you, it will be the railing. Perhaps you have a friend in your building that would like to join you as you climb your way to physical and emotional liberation!!!

You must also take measures to get your eating behavior under control. No more three meals right before bedtime. Those days are over! Start planning your diet at the beginning of each week. Make a healthy food shopping list and purchase all of your groceries on Sat. or Sun. Prepare 3-4 small meals in zip lock bags or containers that you can take to work. Easy to prepare foods are usually quick and easy to eat! Include tons of fresh vegetables and fruits in those containers. We have many healthy mini meal and snack ideas for you in the diet and nutrition section of our website. Also, please utilize our Binge Control suggestions on our website….these will be very helpful!

Now that you have your food and exercise program in place, let’s discuss the next part of your

lifestyle reform program! I want you to journal your fitness progress every single day. You will also journal and keep track of every morsel of food and liquid that touches your lips! Agreed? Keeping a diary of your food intake and fitness regimen will be a tremendous support as you work to change your life. Journaling has been proven to be an invaluable tool for a successful diet and fitness program. It will keep you accountable for everything you do. You will also learn a lot about yourself!

We will look forward to reading your journal entries on the Bitch Alley Blog! Our readers are anxious to support you as you move forward with your 911 Lifestyle Reform Program! My guess is that you will be a wonderful inspiration to so many women following your progress each week on the Bitch Alley Blog.

Your support team at is here for you!!!

We are excited and look forward to your great success!


  1. You CAN do this!!please keep us up to date on your progress. Im excied for you as you begin your journey:]

  2. It's me "lifestyle reform 911". Thank you so much for the support! Writing you has inspired me to participate in the water aerobics class (even before reading your response). Just reading my own words in print made we think about how I should be taking advantage of that class. So, for the last three weeks I have been participating in the class. I have averaged attending two out of the three classes a week. The class has a very good teacher who calls me by name and asks if she will see me again next class.

    I have picked up a water aerobics schedule from the nearby YMCA. They appear to offer classes twice a week.

    Admittedly my eating is still not very healthy. I am going to start journaling today. Maybe tomorrow (already blew today). Perhaps seeing it in black and white will force a change like the water aerobics did.

    Thank you for the advice about the stairs. I will start with one flight today.

    Thank you anonymous for your support as well.

    Thanks AskInYourFace......I will keep you posted about my progress.

  3. Way to go friend! We are so excited that you have taken these very important steps toward lifestyle reform. I love that your water exercise teacher calls you by your proper name and expresses her interest in your participation. This shows that she really cares about her students. This will also motivate you to continue with the class.I can already feel your positive energy in your words. Fabulous! Remember, managing your dietary behavior is essential for weight loss success. It will not happen with exercise alone. Please read my latest article "workout weight gain" for more about this topic. One more thing, in regards to "blowing the day". Every hour, even every minute of your day is another opportunity to begin again. Take a few deep breaths, regroup, and start over! Do not EVER give up .You are a wonderful woman, deserving of a wonderful life. Keep up the positive energy...there is so much more to come! Start journaling today! Let me know if you would like us to design a diet and nutrition plan for you.We are here for you! Your friend, Allison

  4.'s me "lifestyle reform 911". My work schedule does change tomorrow. Therefore, Friday was my last water aerobics class ;(

    Now I am going to attempt to get some mileage out of my Y membership. I'm embarrassed to admit that I joined last summer and have only been there a couple of times to pick up class schedules. So my goal is to participate in their water aerobics class or some other fun activity at least once this week.

    Other activity--I have been catching the elevator to the floor below mine (not everyday but I have). I have walked the 14 stairs at least four times since my last post and feel good about this activity. I didn't realize that my door was so close to the stairs as opposed to the elevator! I am going to master the 14 then move on to 28 progressively (as you suggested).

    Today a dear friend would not accept my objections to joining her on a walk. Lately, the walking has been kind of painful in my hip area. In the past, a little weight loss typically remedies this situation. I hope so because today was painful. However I did make it 3 miles (according to my friend's calculations). She ran an extra mile while I caught my breath. It was a wonderful walk along the Dequindre Cut and some of the Riverwalk. I'm glad I did it!

    Now she's going to make me some diet shake concoction that works for her.

    I will read "workout weight gain" and start my journal today. I promise!

    Thank you again for the kind support.

  5. Hi, I am thrilled that you are keeping up the pace with your exercise. If your hip remains an issue you may want to check out a new pair of shoes. Another idea; try walking the stairs every other day until your hip feels better. Please get back into the pool at the YMCA a couple days a week. This will be very soothing on your joints as well as provide a great workout. The walking is awesome...keep it up! You must start the food journal if you truly desire weight loss! Please email it to me and we will get you on the road with a successful eating plan. Stay focused and strong! Fondly, Allison

  6. Hi Allison, I have been trying to participate in a cleanse to work on my diet. I have lost about 3 pounds at this point.

    My work schedule has picked up and I'm not proud to admit that I'm not getting in a lot of excersice. I walked the Dequindre Cut with my friend again today. My goal is to get in a walk every day this weekend.

    I went to the chiropractor for my hip. It still gives me grief so I will start looking at new shoes. I am trying to not let work dominate my life but it wins more often than my plan for healthy living.

    But I will keep trying everything! Thank you for your continued support.

  7. Dear 911 friend
    I am so happy to hear from you. Sounds like life is presenting some frustrating obstacles. Starting back to work after a long summer is no easy task. Be patient with yourself as your routine and schedule takes shape. Most importantly, don't give up! Remember, everyday, even every hour is another wonderful opportunity to begin again. I do have a few suggestions that may help you stay on task with your diet and exercise program. Utilize the hallways, stairs, and sidewalks around your school and at home, a minimum of 10 minutes everyday. On less hectic days increase your walking time to 30 minutes. Get those new shoes soon! Make all your healthy snacks up on the weekend and put them into small containers for traveling. Take them to work and keep a few healthy snacks in the car. This will keep you from overeating later on. Keep a water bottle on your desk and in the car at all times. DRINK IT OFTEN!!! Please make your health and emotional well being a priority! I know you have many people depending on you. You must be feeling your best physically, mentally and emotionally to serve them all well. Women have a difficult time putting their needs before others...but, it is necessary. Please stay in touch each week. Warmly, Allison